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Today we honor a great man, Martin Luther King Jr. and we want you to know that we will be open for business today for those of you that might want to enjoy a nice meal out of the house today.

If you’ve eaten at Maura’s Kitchen recently then chances are you have probably seen our Comment Cards that we place in the checkbooks at the completion of your dining experience. These cards do a number of things for us, including letting us know how we’re doing so we can keep learning and getting better, but

We are excited to introduce you to Chicha Morada, our homemade traditional Peruvian Purple Corn beverage. This drink is made with Peruvian Purple Corn, or Maiz Morado, which is the key ingredient that Maura begins with. She then carefully boils it along with Pineapple Slices, Pineapple Rinds, and Cinnamon and then lets it set overnight.

Maura’s Tasting Series are events hosted here at Maura’s Kitchen every few months. We do a variety of pairings for both Beer & Wine, and even create custom Tapas Menus for the night. These events are promoted in advance and we direct our guests to Eventbrite where they are invited to purchase tickets in advance.