Dinner On Us Contest Winner(s)!

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If you’ve eaten at Maura’s Kitchen recently then chances are you have probably seen our Comment Cards that we place in the checkbooks at the completion of your dining experience. These cards do a number of things for us, including letting us know how we’re doing so we can keep learning and getting better, but what we’re talking about today is what these cards do for you.

They let you be heard. Outside of the expected questions on these cards, we’ve included a section that let’s you share with us why you deserve a free dinner for 2 on us. We always encourage creativity here, but at the same time we respect those that approach this straight up. As we’ve recently seen, there have been quite a few great reasons. In fact when Maura was deciding on who this month’s victor would be, she couldn’t pick 1! So she picked 3!

This month’s Contest Winner’s are Janet F., Patti C., & Betty K. – Congratulations!

Here are their entries:

Because my husband and I spend many non-working hours serving those
in need. Like the homeless, poor, or those in emotional depression.
Our mission is to lend a helping hand. -Janet F.

I deserve to win because my husband complains about everything and did
not want to try Maura’s but I talked him into it and he LOVED IT!!!
And you filled up my friend’s big belly too! -Patti C.

We came to Maura’s to eat
Thought the food is really neat.
The ceviche is out of this world
One bite, my toes curled.
Baby was here and cryng a bit
Can we come again without him throwing a fit.
We are parents & dinners out are a big deal
$ 50 certificate would be a chance for another meal.
-Betty K.

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