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Maura’s Kitchen Nyack, New York

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Our Story

Maura’s Kitchen is a Latin bistro with a homey cafe vibe with a variety of daily specials ranging from stews and roast pork to various styles of rice and beans straight from Peruvian owner, Maura. We are a family-owned restaurant that brings you the delicious flavors of Peru through its Pollo a la Brasa and coastal favorites, Ceviche and Jalea. If you prefer the convenience of take-out, choose from single or family-style size orders and plenty of homemade hot sauce to bring home and share with your family.

We can only hope that your experience with us allows you to discover our culture and traditions so you can see for yourself how our cuisine has the power to capture the hearts of all Peruvians. We believe that by using only the finest ingredients we create authentic yet innovative Peruvian food and hope you recognize our attention to detail in all aspects of your dining experience.

Lomo Saltado

Black Angus Sirloin strips sautéed w/ plum tomatoes & onions served with handcut fries and rice. Surf & Turf & Vegetable options are available.

From $19

Arroz con Mariscos

Peruvian Paella with Jumbo Shrimp, Mussels, Littleneck Clams, Chorizo and Calamari.


Ceviche Maura's

Tilapia and Shrimp marinated in lime juice & Aji Amarillo with Choclo and sweet potato.

From $11

Macho Shrimp Pasta

Fettuccine pasta with Jumbo Shrimp, fresh basil & asparagus in a mushroom creamy seafood sauce topped with shredded Parmesan Cheese.


  • Tapas
  • Ceviche
  • Entrees
  • Soups, Salads & Sides
  • Brunch
  • Dessert

Yellowtail Tiradito
Yellowtail Sushi topped with Aji Amarillo Leche de Tigre & Cilantro Oil 13

Shrimp Tacos
Aji Panca Shrimp over Maura’s Guacamole with Cabbage & Cucumber Pico de Gallo & Acevichado Sauce 13

Crab Croquettes
Panko Crusted Jumbo Lump Crab in a Seafood Marinara Sauce topped with Shaved Parmesan 14

Chicken Bites
Crunchy Boneless All Natural Non GMO No Hormone Chicken Breast in a Hot ‘n’ Honey Aji Panca Sauce 10

Camarones a la Piedra
Jumbo Shrimp on Yuca Mash w/Aji Amarillo Reduction 14

Maura’s Spicy Guacamole
Hass avocados w/ tomatoes, red onions, & Aji Limo served with corn and flour tortillas 9

Papa la Huancaina
Spicy & Creamy Peruvian Cheese sauce on top of baby potato 8

Three Empanadas Beef, Chicken or Vegetable 9

Salmon Causa Roll
Smoked Salmon on top of Peruvian seasoned whipped
potato & avocado roll w/ red pepper and olive sauces 11

Mussels Frites
Half Pound PEI Mussels in a Aji Panca & White Wine Broth served w/ Handcut Fries 14

Clam Bake
Steamed Littleneck Clams in a Chicha de Jora (Peruvian Corn Wine) Broth served with fingerling potatoes 16

Fish Tacos
(2) Panko crusted Mahi Mahi Tacos over Spicy Guacamole served w/ Acevichado aioli on flour tortillas 14

Maura’s Fries
Crispy Hand-Cut Fries seasoned w/ Garlic and Cilantro 6

Yuca Fries
Crispy Yuca sticks served w/ savory red pepper aioli 5

Ceviche Maura’s
Pollock and Shrimp marinated in lime juice & Aji Amarillo with Choclo and sweet potato 18

Ceviche Mixto

Pollock, Shrimp, and Calamari marinated in lime juice & Rocoto with Choclo and sweet potato 18

Ceviche Sampler

Ceviche Maura’s, Ceviche Mixto, and Jalapeño Ceviche 26

Octopus Ceviche
Spanish Octopus, Aji Limo Leche De Tigre
& Sweet Potato Puree 18

Ceviche Avocada
Tilapia marinated in lime juice & Rocoto with Avocado in Olive Oil, Choclo and sweet potato 16

Scallop & Mango Ceviche
Sea Scallops & Mango in our Ricoto Leche de Tigre with finely chopped celery, pico de gallo, Avocado and Cancha 18

Lomo Saltado
Black Angus Sirloin strips sautéed w/ plum tomatoes & onions served with handcut fries and rice 19  |  Surf & Turf +4

Macho Shrimp Pasta
Fettuccine pasta with Jumbo Shrimp, fresh basil & asparagus in a creamy seafood sauce topped with Asiago cheese 23

Mahi Mahi Saltado
Crispy Mahi Mahi chunks sauteed w/ plum tomatoes & red onions served with white rice and hand cut fries 21

Pescado a lo Macho
Pan seared Mahi Mahi with Spicy calamari and shrimp sauce 21

Arroz Verde
Jumbo Shrimp & Sea Scallops in a Cilantro Rice served with Papa la Huancaina & Peruvian Zarza 23

Pollo a la Brasa
Peruvian Beer Marinated Half Rotisserie Chicken served with Radicchio Avocado Salad with a Lime Garlic Vinaigrette & Maura’s Fries 17

Filet Mignon
8oz Black Angus Filet Mignon in a mild aji Amarillo seafood sauce served w/ baby potatoes and mixed vegetables 36

North Atlantic Salmon
Pan seared Salmon topped with a honey-aji Amarillo reduction served w/ baby spinach mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables 19

Arroz con Mariscos
Peruvian Paella with Jump Shrimp, Mussels, Topneck clams
and Calamari 23

Peruvian Fried Rice w/ cabbage, red pepper, snow peas, egg & scallions
Choose from Chicken 16  |  Shrimp 17  |  Vegetable 15

Crispy Mahi Mahi chunks, Jumbo Shrimp and Calamari served
w/ Peruvian onion zarza & yuca fries (Serves 2-3) 32

Chupe de Camarones
Lite and Creamy Peruvian Shrimp Chowder Bowl topped with a Fried Egg 15

Seafood Bouillabaisse Soup with Jumbo Shrimp, Calamari, Fish, P.E.I. Mussels 16

Radicchio Avocado Salad
Romaine Hearts, Tomato, Cucumber & Onion in a
Garlic Lime Vinaigrette Dressing $8
+$10 Add Salmon or Shrimp

Handcut Fries 5
Sweet Plaintains 6
Avocado Salad 7
House Salad 5
White Rice 3
Yellow Rice 3
Peruvian Beans 4
Black Beans 4

Crab Causa Benedict
Jumbo Lump Crab served over Peruvian Causa (Aji Amarillo Whipped Potato), Poached Eggs, Grilled Asparagus & Choron Hollandaise 18

Breakfast Tacos
Scrambled Eggs, Huancaina Sauce (Peruvian Cheese Sauce), Guacaomle & Pickled Onions 12

Chorizo Hash
Aji Panca Homefries, Poached Egg & Chorizo 16

Croque Cholo
Ham, Pernil, Gruyere, Egg Sandwich topped with a Sunny Side Egg & Huancaina Sauce served with a side of Dressed Greens 15

Hanger & Eggs
Hanger Steak, Eggs, Chimmichuri Sauce, Dressed Greens & a side of Aji Panca Home Fries 16

Avocado Toast
Maura’s Spicy Guacamole, Caramelized Onions, Applewood Smoked Bacon & Poached Eggs 12

Buttermilk Pancakes
with Caramelized Plantains & Chicha Syrup & Fresh Whipped Cream 11

Spinach Goat Cheese & Bacon Frittata
served with Citrus Honey Fruit Salad & Home Fries 12

Pulled Slow Roasted Pernil Sliders
with Red Pepper Aioli & Peruvian Onion Relish served with Home Fries 13

Black Angus Sirloin Sandwich
with Pepper Jack Cheese & Egg served with Handcut Fries tossed in Garlic & Cilantro 14

Brunch is available Sundays from 11am-3:30pm

Maura’s Homemade Flan
Peruvian Yellow Custard 6

Quinoa Pudding
served with Peruvian Purple Corn Pudding & fresh berries 9

Warm Esspresso walnut fudge brownie served with Lucuma ice cream $9

Bread Pudding
Brioche Bread Pudding in a Peruvian pisco and pecan sauceserved w/ Lucuma ice cream $8

Drink Menu

Discover Our Handcrafted Peruvian Cocktails, Featured Wines & Beer List.

  • Smash
  • Margarita
  • Sours
  • Specialty
  • Sangria
  • Wine
  • Beer

Pisco Smash 12
Topped with Schmitt Söhne Reisling, Pisco Porton, Lemon & Muddled Grapes
Strawberry Mint Smash

Strawberry Mint Smash 12
Strawberry Infused Pisco, Mint & Lime

Bourbon Berry Smash 12
Muddled Blackberries, Larceny Bourbon & Lime Juice

Margarita Peru 11
Fresh Squeezed Lemon & Lime & Orange Liqueur with Pisco Porton

Spicy Margarita Peru 11
Peruvian Rocoto Pepper with Fresh Squeezed Lemon & Lime, Pisco Porton & Orange Liqueur

Passion Fruit Margarita 11
Passion Fruit Blended with Lemon & Lime, Pisco Porton & Orange Liqueur

Coconut Margarita 11
Rum Haven Coconut Rum, Orange Liqueur & Fresh Squeezed Lemon & Lime

Pisco Sour 11
Fresh Squeezed Lime & Egg White with Pisco Porton

Chicha Morada Sour 11
A Peruvian Purple Corn Beverage blended with Pisco Porton, Fresh Squeezed Lime & Egg White

Whiskey Nyack Sour 11
Michter’s Rye Whiskey, Lemon & Egg White layered with Malbec

Tea Time 13
High West Bourbon & Cold Brew Tea mixed with Italicus Lemon Liqueur & Angostura Bitters

Pear-uvian 12
La Poire Grey Goose & Fiorente Elderflower Liqueur with Grapefruit Juice

Smoke Show 13
Montelobos Mezcal, Orange Liqueur, Grapefruit Juice, Fresh Squeezed Lemon & Lime topped with Club Soda and an Old Bay rim

Green Velvet 12
Muddled Basil, Grapefruit & Lime Juice with Tito’s Vodka

White Sangria 11
Fresh Fruit mixed with Pinot Grigio, Pisco & Peach Schnapps

Cucumber Sangria 11
Pinot Grigio & Ginger Simple Syrup with Organic Cucumber Prairie Vodka

Rosé Sangria 11
Chicha Syrup and Pineapple Juice with White Rum & Rosé Wine

Winter Sangria 11
Chicha Morada & Orange Liqueur with Cabernet & Pisco

Red Wine

Sojourn Pinot Noir • CA
90 bottle

Alias Pinot Noir • CA
10 glass | 40 bottle

Colome Malbec • Argentina
$150 bottle

Gubinelli Malbec • Argentina
10 glass | 40 bottle

Tabernero Malbec/Merlot Blend • Peru
9 glass | 38 bottle

Columbia Crest Merlot • WA
11 glass | 42 bottle

Natura Syrah • Chile
36 bottle

Tabernero Cabernet Sauvignon • Peru
9 glass | 38 bottle

Choroy Cabernet Sauvignon • Chile
36 bottle


Capasaldo Prosecco • Italy
32 bottle

Castillo Perelado Brut Rosé • Spain
32 bottle

White Wine

Schmitt Söhne Riesling • Germany
9 glass | 38 bottle

Le Rime Pinot Grigio • Germany
9 glass | 38 bottle

Basisweiss Grauburgunder • Germany
10 glass | 40 bottle

The Ned Sauvingnon Blanc • NZ
11 glass | 42 bottle

Cartlidge & Browne Chardonnay • CA
10 glass | 40 bottle

Grand Blanco Demi Sec White Blend • Peru
10 glass | 28 bottle

Protea Rosé Rosé • South Africa
11 glass | 40 bottle


Cerveza Cristal
PERU • 5.0% ABV
PERU • 5.0% ABV
Modelo Especial
Modelo Negra
Allagash Tripel Ale
Blue Point Toasted Lager

Lagunitas IPA
Switchback Ale
Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA
Doc’s Rosé Hard Cider
Doc’s Hard Apple Cider


Newburgh Megaboss IPA
21st Amendment El Sully
Awestruck Hibiscus Ginger Cider
Goose Island Midway IPA

Daisy Cutter Pale Ale
Avery White Rascal
Golden Road Tart Mango Cart

Draft Beer
These rotate often.


81-83 S. Broadway
Nyack, New York 10960


Monday: 5pm-9pm
Tuesday-Thursday: 12pm-9pm
Friday-Saturday: 12pm-11pm
Sunday: 11am-9pm