Valentine’s Day at Maura’s Kitchen

Valentines Card - Sunlight On Two Roses In Love


Enjoy a Romantic Evening with the Spice of Peruvian Cuisine

Imagine that special someone sitting at the table across from you. Gently, your hands touch and your eyes connect. You get lost in the intimate dining experience for a moment and realize you’ve found your perfect match. Nothing else matters until you take that first bite and realize our food is as hot as your love for each other.

All of that is possible when you enjoy a romantic dinner at Maura’s Kitchen. We’ll help you create the perfect intimate dining experience to deliver the wow factor this Valentine’s Day and make certain you have some incredible memories that will last a lifetime. We take your dining experience seriously and we’ll make sure that from the atmosphere to the quality of your food, you will have an enchanted evening.

Our menu is full of dishes that are as spicy as your romance. Dine with us and we will help you create the perfect romantic diner from start to finish. With empanadas that are rich and savory to refreshingly fresh ceviche, there is something that will meet your needs and your taste buds are certain to thank you for an incredible dining experience.

Don’t wait until the last minute and miss out on having the perfect intimate dining experience this Valentine’s Day. Book your reservations now at (845) 535-3533. We’ll help you create a romantic dinner unlike any other you will find.

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