About Us

Maura’s Kitchen is a Latin bistro with a homey cafe vibe with a variety of daily specials ranging from stews and roast pork to various styles of rice and beans straight from Peruvian owner, Maura. We are a family-owned restaurant that brings you the delicious flavors of Peru through its Pollo a la Brasa and coastal favorites, Ceviche and Jalea. If you prefer the convenience of take-out, choose from single or family-style size orders and plenty of homemade hot sauce to bring home and share with your family.

We can only hope that your experience with us allows you to discover our culture and traditions so you can see for yourself how our cuisine has the power to capture the hearts of all Peruvians. We believe that by using only the finest ingredients we create authentic yet innovative Peruvian food and hope you recognize our attention to detail in all aspects of your dining experience.

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When We’re Cooking:

Monday & Tuesday 5pm-9pm   |   Wednesday & Thursday 12pm-9pm   |   Friday & Saturday 12pm-10pm   |   Sunday 12pm-9pm